Photography communicates who your client is. Who and where are we communicating to?

Your website’s photographs should tell a human story that elicits an emotional and empathetic response. It should always feature your business/organization as the central character.

The photographs should share moments that stay with viewers and inspire them to think, question and learn more about you. Here are some examples that bring this to life.

Key Considerations for Website & Brand Photography

The idea with these considerations is not to be just a “digital only” or “print only” media format but rather what is called “transmedia” where it can translate into multiple mediums such as websites, ads and print. These are just considerations but the more you check off the better you will be with your photos.

Is it unique to your client?

Capture activities or settings unique to your client.

Does it show a unique perspective?

Look for an unexpected angle or viewpoint.

Can you tell where the photo was taken?

Capture photos that people can relate to.

Does it tell a story?

Does the photograph inspire, ignite curiosity or encourage sharing?

Is there movement or drama?

Capture energy in your photos.

Does the image have a central object/character?

Have a strong focus that draws the viewer in.

Does it feel like a stolen moment?

Capture a natural, authentic moment that is never staged or posed.

Taking Photos of People

Photography of people should catch genuine moments wrapped in natural light. Use a shallow depth of field to help draw focus to the subject. The environment should help demonstrate how the person belongs to your brand; they should not be overwhelmed or ‘lost’ in the setting. The tonality should feel modern, fresh and open. When taking photos of people working or doing their job, capture moments of the subjects doing what they do best within their environment. It’s okay for people to look immersed in their work but never ‘lost’. Ideally, they should look completely unaware of the camera. Tapping into the subject’s dedication, passion and expertise is key to finding the moment when they light up in what they do best.

Locations and Environments

If your client has a physical location, it should be a point of pride to allow visitors a tremendous sense of place. They will create emotional connections, stories and memory of these locations. Where possible, try to incorporate a fresh, modern color palette that emphasizes blue and uses natural light. Don’t be afraid to try unexpected framing. Use low angle building shots and feature wide, horizontal landscapes and plenty of blue skies.

Hero Shots

You have only 2 seconds to capture people’s attention when they visit a page. That is why it’s your job to not only entice them but also to help them fully understand the benefits of coming to your website.

Learn more about how to create great hero shots written by Instapage.

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