Website Design Services in Vancouver

The very first step of our website design process begins with listening and understanding what you want to accomplish with your website, i.e. what is your business goal?

Here are some examples of what websites can be used for:

Lead generation
Sales & eCommerce
Brand Awareness
Online Business Card

Having a clear direction allows us to develop creative web design solutions to maximize your goal. We use the latest web design principles, styles and features to create an aesthetically pleasing yet user-friendly and highly functional website.

Website Design

How it looks

Nothing loses the trust of internet users and first-time visitors to your website more quickly than an ugly website. We care about using high-quality images to showcase the best side of your business and give users a taste of your services or products as best as we virtually can.

We also care about how the content is laid out and read by our users. We balance the importance of content by strategically placing the content in eye-catching areas in easily digestible segments, which guides the users through your website.

Last but not least, we design pushes users to the intended goal of the website, whether that is to sell more products, earn more leads, showcase your brand or portfolio or simply find a solution to their question.  


User-Friendly Design

It is a well-known fact in our industry that web-users are lazy. Guess what? That’s okay! Our web design strategy guides the users to what they are looking for in as few clicks as possible and with obvious prompts or call to actions to push them to your goal. Users who have a hard time navigating in a website either give up or look for an alternative. It is extremely important that the user’s browsing experience is uninterrupted and are given clear signals on what actions they can take next to maintain a healthy and positive conversion rate or sales.

Device Compatibility

Mobile-Friendly & Responsive Design

As mobile devices are becoming the primary web browsing device, quickly overtaking desktop computers it is of utmost importance that your website is mobile friendly. Every website we create is designed with the intention of being mobile-first. We will ensure that your website looks good on both popular mobile devices and tablets by creating a responsive design.

Your website will automatically adjust the look and usability of the website based on the size of the screen of your device. With smaller real estate for web content on mobile devices, using a responsive website will help display all the crucial elements first, giving your users the best chance to achieve your goal.