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Our culture at Lead Eight can be summarized with one Japanese word “改善” (kaizen) which means “continuous change for the better.” Kaizen is a philosophy that seeks to improve in steps. We aim to build and improve your brand through a systematic tested-and-proven approach. We define the cycle of kaizen through the “Plan, Do, Check and Act” method.

“Plan” Phase

Setting yourself up for success

Before we even get our styluses on the drawing board, we get to know you and your business. We establish objectives and process necessary to deliver the results you want. We want to understand you 800-foot view goal but also identify the smaller measurable and attainable goals to reach the larger goal.

“Do” Phase

We walk the talk

We implement the plan that we have established in the “plan” phase. We execute the process and during all this, we set up proper methods to collect data for analysis. Our team of creatives put deep thought in our work. We make sure there is meaning in all the choices we make that aligns with the plan and contributes to the end goal.

“Check” Phase

Separating “what worked” and “what didn’t work”

We won’t always get it right at the first time. But we always get better. We study the actual results that we have collected in the previous phase. We compare it against the expected results and compare what were the differences. We turn the numbers and data collected into meaningful insights that will set us up for success in the next phase.

“Act” Phase

Setting the new standard


If the data points to a positive result, we establish this as the new standard and repeat the cycle. If it isn’t, there’s some learning that needs to be done and we would also repeat the cycle. Whether the results were positive or negative, our next “plan” phase will be better than before.

What kaizen does is creates a culture of continuous improvement that provides your business with tremendous long-term value.