Web Analytics

Web analytics is the process of measuring user behaviour across your website. Analyzing data to understand your customers better will help remove assumptions that may be hindering the growth of your business.

Let Lead Eight help you set up your web analytics and apply tracking mechanisms to reveal critical business insights that will drive the growth of your business.

Understanding Your Audience & Website Better

Forget everything you knew about your audience

We are often jaded by the assumptions of our target market, especially, when we speculate that online customers behave the same way as traditional offline customers. Allow us to help you better understand your audience and their behaviour by using data tracking. Understanding your customers better will allow you to be more specific in your ad targeting. Our data tracking will also uncover problematic issues on your website that may be hindering your growth. We can uncover patterns in user behavior on specific pages to improve your website.

Track Your Marketing Dollars

Save money on marketing

Tracking conversions is an extremely important task when running ads online. Unlike traditional marketing like billboards, flyers and TV advertisements, it is difficult to know which of these strategies drove you the most business. The benefit of advertising online is that you can easily identify which online marketing channels are working for you with the proper tracking. We can help you quickly identify the marketing channels that are successful and double down using the budget from less successful channels.

Analysis & Reporting

Let us sift through the data

We can dig into the data to find nuggets of useful insights whilst you can focus on running your business. Every month we will provide highlights in your data that can bring to light new opportunities in your online marketing.