Advanced Data Tracking Tools

As you may already know, we are massive advocates of data tracking. We use data to understand your target audience so that we can your website and marketing initiatives. However, only analytics data may not always paint the full picture. Qualitative data and additional tracking mechanisms are also necessary to make sense of the statistical data. There are advanced tracking tools we like to use to gather even more insights and direction. Let us help you paint a more holistic picture of your data with advanced tracking.

Call Tracking

Properly Attribute Your Leads

Call tracking is an extremely powerful tracking tool we like to use. A lot of customers still prefer calling, especially if you are a local service-based business. Without call tracking, you won’t be able to know which advertising avenue drove you the business if the user calls you and takes no action on the website. With call tracking implemented, you will be able to attribute to the source, therefore allowing you to have a clearer idea of where you should be spending your marketing dollars.

User Session Recordings

Powerful Qualitative Data

A video recording showcasing a user’s mouse cursor and their experience with navigating through the pages of your website. The beauty of this feature is that it allows us to easily identify hindering factors that stop users from taking your desired action, whether it be to call, send a contact form submission or purchase. The session recording also identifies potential usability issues with the website, which can be used to improve the user’s experience.


Find out what’s working

Heatmaps give us more aggregate data on the user’s experience. It enables us to see whether placements of objects on a page of the website are being used effectively. For example, we can see if a video placed on the page is being viewed and whether or not the location of the video has an impact on the view rate. Heatmaps help us improve granular items on the page.