Facebook Advertising Service

The average person checks Facebook over 8 times a day. Advertising on Facebook allows you to send highly relevant messaging directly to the user. Specific messaging increases the likelihood of users to click your ad when they find it relevant

Facebook’s Ad Platform has increasingly become more popular in the last few years. Their targeting and features have allowed companies to provide specific marketing messages to drive traffic, increase sales and conversions.

Find New and Relevant Customers

Market to untapped potential

Facebook knows you better than you think. It helps to advertise to people more accurately. Facebook’s ability to know people’s interests and preferences can also help you acquire new customers. Facebook does this by targeting customers that have similar interests and demographics like the customers that have purchased or contacted you previously.

Re-target Customers

Don’t let your other marketing efforts go to waste

People are easily distracted when surfing the web, especially on mobile devices. Sometimes it is helpful to give interested customers a nudge to remind them to revisit your website, contact you or finish purchasing a product they were looking at. This strategy has proven successful to many of our clients, why should it be any different for you?